Architecturally and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors are among the most important features of your home or business. Unfortunately, they are obvious points of entry, and the weakest security points of most buildings.

At SolarSecure, we offer a comprehensive selection of professional grade solar control and safety window film products for residential and commercial applications.

We also install hundreds of varieties of decorative films and custom graphics. Unlike other window film companies, we can provide a wide variety of films from different manufacturers to help our customers find the most suitable for their application.

Our Products Provide



Our security film holds together in case of breakage. This is an excellent way to stop intruders from accessing your home through traditional vulnerable (or untreated) glass.



Frosted films offer a quick, easy and decorative alternative to blinds for windows, entrance doors, basement and bathroom windows that require privacy.


Energy Savings

Our wide selection of films will reduce heat, glare and fading of interior finishes such as paint and hardwood.